We enable and scale start-ups to greater heights

Who We Are

We are the entrepreneurial and investment arm of Excelpoint Technology Ltd. (“Excelpoint”),
investing in, supporting and collaborating with promising early- to mid-stage start-ups which have commercially viable technologies and products in Singapore and Asia that are related to the Internet of Things (“IoT”) ecosystem.

Tapping on Excelpoint’s extensive business networks across Asia Pacific, we strive to forge collaborative and innovative partnerships within our field.

How We Can Help


Identify and invest in IoT innovators and start-up activities

Focusing on the development of viable technological products and solutions that caters to the growing market opportunities related to the global IoT ecosystem.


Enable start-ups to scale faster

Providing relevant strategic support by leveraging on our existing R&D capabilities and operational resources.


Help start-ups to accelerate growth and stay ahead of the innovation curve in the global electronics and technology industries

Tapping on Excelpoint’s extensive business presence and networks across Asia Pacific, as well as forging collaborative partnerships that harness innovation.